How many hours do I have to volunteer?  

Volunteering is a choice, and there is no set number of hours you must do. The role you choose could be a one-off volunteering event, an hour or two a month or 16 hours per week. It really is up to you! 

Are there volunteer roles that are 15 hours to cover my Centrelink obligations?  

Yes. Wwill work with you to find the right volunteering opportunity to fit with your needs. We have a variety of organisations who do provide a range of hours every week. 

Do I need experience?  

Some volunteering opportunities will require specialised skills; however, this will be outlined in the opportunity description. There are many roles that do not require any experience, so we have something to suit everyone.   

Could it turn into a paid position?  

Most of the time the volunteering opportunity does not turn into a paid role. However the skills you learn from the volunteering role may lead to future employment opportunities.

Can I choose the days and times I can be there? 

Some volunteering roles are advertised with certain days and times required. However many volunteering roles are flexible and you are able to negotiate a suitable time with the Volunteer Manager.  Let us know your requirements so we can find the right volunteering opportunity for you.  

Do I have to have a Police Check and who pays for it?  

Most volunteer roles require a current police check. The organisation will advise you if this is to be organised by you, or if they will do it on your behalf. 

Do I need to make an appointment?  

The friendly team at The Volunteer Centre make every effort to meet with people when they come into the office. However sometimes this will not be possible so an appointment is preferred to ensure we have the time to meet with you.  

What are the different areas I can volunteer in? 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the types of volunteering opportunities. From gardening, to working with animals, to admin. To find out about the current opportunities in our area you can look at the current opportunities page on the website, look at our Facebook page or contact us directly.

Do volunteers have rights?   

Yes! Volunteers not only have rights, but also responsibilities. It is important to read the Rights and Responsibilities page to ensure you understand what these rights and responsibilities are. You can also complete the Intro to Volunteering training which explores these in more depth.  

Can I go on holidays and come back to the same volunteer role? 

Yes. Just remember to clearly communicate with your Volunteer Manager and keep them informed of any plans you have to take time off. If possible it is good to let them know in advance as they rely on you and need time to organise other arrangements if you are away for extended periods.