October 2021 Newsletter

Contents of the October Newsletter
  • Welcome Back Tim!
  • Calling all Carers!
  • Volunteering in a New Age Online
  • Sportober
  • Have a laugh
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Have You Registered?
  • Searching Current Volunteer Opportunities
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Welcome Back Tim!

Tim Oliver has returned as our Program Leader for Sport North East and Community Development Programs! Tim is no stranger to these programs and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience! With a long history as a sports administrator and coach, Tim has volunteered in sporting organisations for over 40 years and served on a range of boards in the community sector too, so brings a depth of experience working with and recruiting volunteers.  ‘I’m looking forward to building further on the great work of our team with Sport North East, Community Visitors Scheme and The Volunteer Centre working across the Hume Region in what are very unusual times. ‘

Calling all Carers!

Are you caring for someone? How do you take care of yourself?

What gives you joy and interest in life?
A big Shoutout to all the amazing carer’s who do so much looking after their child, partner, parent, relative or friend.

The Centre’s Supporting Carers Locally project wants to hear about your experience as a carer, how you look after yourself, and what helps or is a challenge in your caring role.

The first 20 carers who call and register to talk to Deb, will go into a draw to win some amazing prizes!

Participants from the following North East Shires are eligible:

  • Wangaratta, Benalla, Moira, and Alpine.

If you would like to take part, then please contact Deb Humphreys, by 29th October to make a time.

Email: deb.humphreys@thecentre.vic.edu.au
Phone or text: 0428 962 847
On either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
Or you can leave a message on messenger on The Volunteer Centre Facebook Page and I will return your call.

Volunteering in a New Age Online

Would you like to better manage and engage volunteers?
The Wangaratta Volunteer Centre is here to support and assist organisations, clubs and agencies who work with and rely on volunteers to get the job done in challenging times!

Our project in partnership with Volunteering Victoria focuses on organisations who want to engage with First Nations people, new migrants, and people living with a disability.

The project aims to assist volunteers to participate more broadly with their communities through creating effective volunteering practices; increasing diversity of volunteers; improving access to information on volunteering; good training resources and supports.

If you are interested in discussing the opportunities then please contact me on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays at:
phone or text 0428 962 847


Sport North East launches the campaign SportoberVIC on 1st October to motivate people in North East Victoria to exercise, and to counter the negative impacts of lockdown on mental and physical health in our region.
The campaign offers participants five fun walking, cycling, and running challenges per week to increase their physical activity.
The challenges are suitable to people from all backgrounds, ages, abilities, body shapes and sizes.
It uses the online platforms Facebook and Strava to support and motivate participants. Everyone who joins in the challenges has a chance of winning prizes such as $25 gift cards.


Click here for more information

Have a Laugh & Smile!

Source: womansworld                                            Source:  readingkingdom

World Mental Health Day
10th October 2021

‘One in five Australians are affected by mental illness annually and for the many more impacted by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the increased uncertainty and anxiety that has ensued over the last six months.’


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Have You Registered with The Volunteer Centre

The Volunteer Centre assists in the matching of volunteers and organisations. 

We are looking to engage with volunteers that are newly arrived migrants (5 years), first nation peoples and people with disability. 

For volunteers, we can offer opportunities to suit your location, one-off roles, ongoing roles or various industry categories to meet your particular interests and skills.  

If you’re keen to see which roles might suit you, please complete the relevant registration form so we can set you up and offer you roles for consideration.

All not-for-profit organisations are eligible to register with The Volunteer Centre. As a registered organisation you will have access to:

  • a free matching service where we will find the best volunteers for your roles
  • support with administration and recruitment of volunteers
  • support with governance including current volunteer related policy and procedure
So, go on and register and help make a difference!

Register as a Volunteer
Register as an Organisation

Searching Current Volunteer Opportunities

When searching for opportunities on our website, make sure you use the search options to assist you in finding the role/s that best suit you.  Below the roles that are displayed you will see a bar ‘Load More”.  Use this bar as often as you need, to load all the roles that are attached to your search.

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