Corporate (or Employee) Volunteering is an opportunity for a business and their staff to give back to their local communities through their time, skills energy and resources.  Corporate Volunteering can be one-off or regular by an individual, a team or a whole of company involvement.   

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering 

For Employees:

  • developing additional skills
  • personal fulfillment and job satisfaction 
  • developing more innovative responses to challenges 
  • increased team work 
  • increased sense of community and social contribution. 

For the businesses:

  • closer links to your local community
  • increased community awareness of your business and your brand
  • improved staff morale and motivation
  • being seen as a contributor to you community.

For not-for-profit organisations: 

  • accessing knowledge, skills and experience beyond what is in your organisation 
  • improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the services you offer
  • opportunities to grow and expand your organisation 
  • building better communities. 

Corporate volunteering can be done in many different ways, including: 

  • Your business establishes an employee volunteer program and promotes it to local not-for-profit organisations 
  • A not-for-profit organisation identifies a volunteering opportunity and approaches your business with a formal proposal 
  • Your employee volunteers with a not-for-profit organisation, with your business’ support 
  • Your business makes information on volunteering opportunities available to your employees 
  • Your business offers pro-bono (free of charge) services to one or more not-for-profit organisations 
  • Your business decides to support a particular community not-for-profit organisation and you invite your employees to also contribute their time and skills 
  • Your company makes a financial contribution to a not-for-profit organisation (you may with to support a particular program being provided)
If you are: 
- a business looking to place your staff with a not-for-profit organisation, or 
- a non-profit organisation able to accept corporate volunteers
please contact us on or 1300 843 236. 
  Volunteering Australia have comprehensive resources on Corporate Volunteering