There are many aspects to consider when becoming a Volunteer Involving Organisation. From determining suitable opportunities for volunteers within your organisation, through the recruitment process to policies and procedures you need to have in place.

The Volunteer Centre has a range of resources to support Volunteer Involving Organisations to ensure you meet current best practice in line with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.

The Volunteer Centre can provide support with: 

  • Volunteer Policies and Procedures
  • Volunteer Role Descriptions and Agreements
  • Insurance options for Volunteer Organisations
  • Child Safe Practices
  • Risk Management
  • OH&S
  • Communicating with your volunteers
  • Dispute resolution

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The Organisation Journey gives you a snapshot view of what to expect while registered with The Volunteer Centre.


You can also download the process here. 

The New Volunteer Role process outlines what you are responsible for and what The Volunteer Centre is responsible for when engaging a new volunteer in a role.


You can also download this process here.